Student program

To be bred in a place of estimation; to see nothing low and sordid from one´s infancy; to be taught to respect one’s self; to be habituated to the censorial inspection of the public eye; (…) to have leisure to read, to reflect, to converse; (…) to be taught to despise danger in the pursuit of honor and duty; (…) to possess the virtues of diligence, order, constancy, and regularity, and to have cultivated an habitual regard to commutative justice: these are the circumstances of men that form what I should call a natural aristocracy, without which there is no nation.

Edmund Burke, 1791

Student Program

The Edmund Burke Foundation has an active program for students, consisting of Reading groups, Masterclasses on specific thinkers or topics, study-days, lectures and an annual summer school. Motivated and talented students can take part in the school, which usually lasts one week. The program consists of lectures, seminars and discussions on a range of conservative authors and books. Interested students may send an application (which should include a resumé and cover letter) to

It is well to be a gentleman, it is well to have cultivated intellect, a delicate taste, a candid, equitable dipassionate mind, a noble and courteous bearing in the conduct of life – these are the connatural qualities of a large knowledge, they are the objects of a University.

John Henry Cardinal Newman, 1854



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